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Everyday a new idea is born. Some of these ideas will take shape in the form of an actual product (book,
etc.) or service (educational, etc.), but only some of these ventures will be successful.

Allwrite Public Relations Atlanta
You're great, but not many people know it. Well, that's because you probably need public relations help. We draft and launch PR campaigns that target the people you need to impress with your special message or product.

The goal of public relations is to enhance an individual or company's reputation or image. Thus, the role of a public relations practitioner is a reputation protector, maintainer, builder, or repairer because the objective is to present a client to the public in the best possible light.

Public relations doesn't function to sell products or services directly, but it benefits a business' bottom line by other means. How does public relations affect sales? Here are just a few ways that PR helps:

  • Community Relations: Companies that want to be seen a community-oriented will sponsor local programs or events. People, in turn, take notice and use the companies services. They become customers.
  • Media Relations: New or growing companies want to establish their brand with a specific appeal for their target market, so they seek editorial coverage in media outlets. People who feel like they know more about a company, its products/services, and/or its officers, will more likely patronize that company.
  • Crisis Management: Companies who are being sued or individuals embroiled in a scandal want to repair their image because a poor reputation can negatively impact sales  
  • Consumer Relations: Companies want to manage customer service and feedback. Customers who feel like their issues have been heard or resolved will become loyal customers. Thus is also true of employees (Employee Relations).
Other forms include: web public relations and corporate public relations

What we offer
Allwrite Advertising offers the following  as public relations services:
  •  Media relations (writing "newsworthy" press releases, pitching stories to media, and arranging interviews)
  •  Community relations (planning and helping to implement special events; preparing advertising or position papers aimed at residents or local government)

So what's the difference between marketing and public relations?                                          

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